Ovulation Induction with timed Intercourse

Ovulation Induction with timed Intercourse

Ovulation is the procedure by which an egg is released from a develop follicle which has created on one of the ovaries. In ladies who have ordinary customary menstrual cycles, this regularly happens once per month. In a few ladies be that as it may, follicle development and ovulation happens unpredictably, once in a while and now and again not under any condition.

Ovulation Induction is a typical first line of treatment for ladies with such ovulation or menstrual cycle anomalies. It is a standout amongst the most direct richness medicines accessible and essentially includes taking oral or injectable pharmaceutical to stimulate ovulation. The drug is usually taken toward the start of the menstrual cycle and the lady's reaction is observed through the cycle utilizing ultrasound. The clinician would then be able to decide when the patient is expected to ovulate and in this way the best time for intercourse or insemination.

Ovulation Induction Process

Taking medications
Ultrasounds and blood tests
Activating ovulation
Preparing the egg

OI with TI Well-ordered Guide

Initial Consultation
Egg Release
Planned Intercourse