Donor Treatment

Donor sperms & donor Oocytes /eggs/ Donor embryo

Donor Oocytes
Donor treatment is one of the imperative treatments in ART procedures, with current scenario almost 30 % of women suffer from infertility because of absence of ovarian reserve, blame it to lifestyle or the changing trend.
Who will need a donor oocyte of egg?

  • If women is older than 40 or unable to become pregnant with her own eggs.
  • Poor ovarian reserve.
  • Repeated miscarriages because of embryo issues, donor embryos can be an option.
  • If you’re at risk for passing a genetic disease to your child, donor eggs or embryos may be an option,
  • If both the partner both have fertility problems.
  • Donor sperms can be an option with males partners suffering from Azoospermia.
  • Some women may have a specific genetic condition such as cystic fibrosis or fragile x syndrome because of which they cannot have their genetically related babies.

Here at NFC every donor is carefully selected and an initial screening. Only the donor applicants who pass all these screening steps will be added to our egg donor program. Donors are kept anonymous as per ICMR guidelines, however the recipient criteria is taken care.

Donor Sperms
Couples can use donor sperms when male partners have no sperm (azospermia) or very poor semen analysis or if there is a genetic problem which can be inherited from male.

Donor Embryo
Donor Embryo adoption using fresh donor eggs and donor sperms the resulting embryos are transferred into the recipient female.

Who will need a donor embryo?
Females with very less ovarian reserve or no reserve. and males with no sperm count.
Both the partners carrying the risk of possibility of passing genetical disorders.

Donor Treatment

Initial Consultation with Neelima Fertility Specialist


Blood Tests

Treatment Plan

Start of Treatment

The Process



The first step in the process is undergoing, Donor and couple Investigations.


Controlled Stimulation

Donor is stimulated by injection for 10-12 day This continues until the eggs are mature. The stimulation process is monitored through ultrasound scan and E2 level. At the same time recepient Endometrial preparation is done



Trigger injection is given for egg release and patient is scheduled to egg retrieval in between 34-36 hours. At the same time progestron injections  is started for recepient


Oocyte (egg) retrieval

Under anesthesia vaginal ultrasound guided probe is inserted and the follicles are aspirated.



Each  donor oocyte is injected with selected sperm of the  recepient partner.


Embryo transfer

Under the ultrasound guidance, three good quality embryos are carefully selected and carefully transferred through the vagina and cervix to the uterus, where implantation begins.


Beta HCG

After 15 days of transfer the female partner is asked to undergo beta HCG test to confirm the Pregnancy. If the pregnancy is confirmed then they are called after 15 days for viability scan.


Timed Intercourse

The couple is advised to have intercourse as per the ovulation scan and days suggested by the doctor.

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